K. R.Vijaya Life Histry and Rare Photos

K. R.Vijaya :      K.R.Vijaya is a famous south indian actress who is called as ‘Punnagai arasi’   by tamil   fans. She was acted i...

K. R.Vijaya :

     K.R.Vijaya is a famous south indian actress who is called as ‘Punnagai arasi’  by tamil  fans. She was acted in tamil, telugu, kannadam, malayalam and  she was acted above 450 movies. Let we see about life her.

history and success :

     date of birth  : november 30, 1948

     place of birth : trivandram, kerala, india.

Birth :

    She was born on 13th auguest 1932 in triplicane, chennai, british india. Her parents were raman and vasundura devi. Her mother was a famous classical dancer and actress who  was acted in ‘Mangamma sabatham’.

Young life & education :

    Her mother  was 16 years old, when she was born and her mother was involued in cinema. So, she was growth in seakrat heart high school, presentation convent and search park,chennai. She was learned bharatham from vazhuvur ramaya pillai and classical singing from manakkal sivaraja iyar. Her first bharatham dance show was happened at her age of 13.

Cinema life :

    She was acted a movie ‘Vazhkai’ which movie is produced by M. V. Raman in 1949 and this movie was much hit. So, this movie was remaked in telgu and in 1951, this movie was remaked in hindi titled ‘Bhagar’. This movie was also very much hit. In hindi, she was acted ‘Naagin’ (1954), ‘Yoasmin’, ‘PehaliJalak’, ‘Chitara’, ‘Jashan’, ‘Devadhas (1955), ‘New delhi (1956), ‘Naya thelar (1957),




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